Our number one goal is to achieve results for our clients. This means our success is only measured in your success. Learn how SalesLatitude has helped companies overcome obstacles and achieve greater sales performance.

When the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America explored engaging SalesLatitude, it was originally for a day-long seminar for sales training. But after speaking to SalesLatitude, we knew we had to change the paradigm of just deploying sales training to produce the results we were looking for. SalesLatitude advised us to develop a selling process that was consistent and capable of being implemented on a national level. With their help, we defined our best practice sales process, focusing on the “what” before the “how.”

SalesLatitude was instrumental in helping us reengineer our sales process to focus on the key outcomes that drive success and achieve the results we needed. We established a customized sales process including identification of leading verifiable outcomes that helped us in how we manage our field staff, and guide us through our day-to-day sales activities.

Secondly, SalesLatitude helped train and manage team leadership through a period of restructuring. Through the development of coaching skills and effective team management, our leadership has become more successful with their staff. We are very pleased with the expertise and the results gained from working with SalesLatitude and recommend them to any selling organization.

– Richard J. Geswell, president and CEO, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America

SalesLatitude added value well beyond what we expected when we hired the firm. Our goal was to increase new business development by improving sales skills and systemizing training for our sales team. SalesLatitude was able to address these needs as well as create a roadmap of best practices, focusing our efforts on what needs to happen at each step of our sales cycle. In addition, they helped us develop objective criteria for measuring pipeline and managing the team.

In a relatively short period of time we have seen measurable improvement in driving the sales cycle, identifying coaching needs, prospecting and sales skills, and sales management. The specific sales process we’ve developed with SalesLatitude will also be utilized as a comprehensive template for training new members of the team. We are very satisfied with the experience and will work with them again.

– Georgia Pangle, managing director, KLS Professional Advisors Group, LLC

“Our goal was to increase our close percentage. SalesLatitude reviewed our pipeline and helped us separate the deals that had potential from the ones that did not. SalesLatitude also helped us review and improve the sales process so that we recognize, early on, the high potential deals and only focus on those. We are now closing a much higher percentage of deals, and the sales pipeline can now more accurately forecast sales revenue. I would highly recommend SalesLatitude.”

– Rob Garfield, senior vp, business development, Updata Inc

“Our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of our sales team and to exceed our sales projections for the next 3 years. To accomplish this goal, SalesLatitude worked with us to create a sales process that helped us to identify which deals we should be spending time on and improving our deal management by providing a roadmap of high impact selling activities that takes into consideration our customer’s buying process.

The outcome is a more realistic pipeline which allows us to spend our resources on the right deals with a common language and process that enables us to provide objective behavior coaching for our selling team. I strongly recommend SalesLatitude.”

– Doug Trott, CEO, PriceMetrix

“As we continue to grow our business, we are always looking at ways to improve the effectiveness of our sales team. We contracted with SalesLatitude to help us develop a common sales process and framework to incorporate our sales activities along with their world-class, best practices from their past experiences. Our goal was to ensure that we scrutinized and prioritized the opportunities in our pipeline earlier in the sales cycle and to focus on those deals that we have the highest win percentage.

SalesLatitude provided a sales process that helped us to better understand our buyers, and worked with us to implement the new process by providing practical coaching on real contracts. Our sales cycles have shortened significantly and we have seen an increase in closed deals, due to new diligence with our sales process reinforcement. We could not be happier with the results.”

– Ian Danic, co-founder, Electra Information Systems