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Is Your Legal Process Killing Your Sales Deals? - Janice Mars, SalesLatitude
Is Your Legal Process Killing Your Sales Deals?

Do your sales deals constantly get held up in the legal process? Do you call your legal department the “sales prevention” team? Here’s what you can do to help the legal process along.

Which Sales Office Configuration Works Best for You? - SalesLatitude
Which Sales Office Configuration Works Best for You?

The topic of office configuration evokes so much emotion. Some companies are abandoning their open offices or work-from-home programs, and people actually decline job offers because the office situation is undesirable. Here’s how the three main types of sales office environments stack up.

Win Deals by Helping Executives Reach their MBO

Wouldn’t it be great if all your customers wore a sign around their necks telling us what’s important to them? Specifically stating how they get paid and what their priorities are? I know most of us would. Especially since getting that information can be difficult if you don’t have the right relationship and/or the credibility. …

On-Boarding New Sales People – I Am Envious

I recently had the privilege of working with new sales people who were being on-boarded for their first sales positions out of college.  I was impressed with what I experienced, I was envious of what they were learning AND this was before they were even given their first quota.

Three Ways to Make Sales Process Changes Stick

This week, I’ve invited Traci Curran, director of marketing for Revegy, to share her thoughts on sustaining sales process changes. In any transformation where a company is attempting to change their sales model or sales culture, instead of simply providing some “tools” to improve efficiency/effectiveness, there is a big helping of “change management” needed. There …

Sales Metrics that Everyone Needs to Know

Leading sales metrics are crucial for gauging performance and consistent forecasting across your sales organization. It can tell you where efficiencies and successes are occurring or are lacking. But it’s important to focus on the right sales metrics and everyone needs to know them. Some only focus on lagging activities from the seller’s perspective such …

Q&A: Achieving True Sales and Marketing Integration

Sales and marketing have always had challenges integrating and collaborating cohesively. Although they coexist, many times, they have different perspectives on the customer experience and the management of leads. Sales expert Janice Mars of SalesLatitude and marketing operations specialist Frank Donny of Marseli share their insights on how sales and marketing teams can build better …

Top 5 reasons why sales reps don’t use CRM — and what you can do about it… by Frank Donny

This week, I’ve invited Frank Donny, founder and CEO of Marseli, to share his wisdom on CRM best practices. I read an article the other day about why many sales reps do not use CRM systems. The article said the most common reason was because the sales process doesn’t match the buyer’s process.  This is …

Pushing the Envelope: Coach the Top Producer

I was speaking with a client of mine who was shocked to find out that one of their top producers had been fired. This top producer was 165% above quota in 2013, and was looked up to by all of sales. So, how could he have been let go? This top producer had always been pushing the envelope, and he …