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Exposing a Secret for Sales Forecasting Accuracy

Close dates tend to be moving targets. There’s no one question that sparks more debate among sales managers as, “How can I forecast closed deals more accurately?” There are probably a million answers to that question, but unfortunately, many people attribute accurate sales forecasting to pure luck or guesswork.

5 Client Meeting Sales Tips that Get Results and Maximize Everyone’s Time

Wherever you are in the sales cycle, each sales call or client meeting with a potential client is an opportunity to qualify a deal and move it forward. And knowing how difficult it can be to organize a meeting with a potential client and bring in your precious internal resource(s) that everyone wants a piece …

Top 10 Sales Tips to Kick Start the Year

Whether this month marked the start of a new fiscal year or the start of the last quarter, the New Year is symbolic of a clean slate for setting goals and remembering success factors. Here are our top ten sales tips for making your selling team more successful.

Ditch the Sales Pitch and Focus on Relevance

Years ago, a sales manager gave me a great sales tip, and it’s something that continues to resonate when I work with many of my clients:  “Stop telling people why you think they should buy.”  This makes a lot of sense, however, it’s easy to make assumptions about what motivates people to buy – too easy. This …